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Find Customer Service Contact Numbers & support FAQ’s for UK’s Top Entertainment Brands – Xbox, BT, Sky & Virgin Media and many more.

How To Reboot Sky TV HD Box?

Few common queries sky customers usually have regarding their HD box –

My Sky box stuck on standby
How to Hard reset Sky+HD box?
How do I reset my SKY box?
How do i reboot my Sky HD box without unplugging?
How to save money by resetting Sky + yourself

If you are a Sky Tv customer and facing issues with resetting Sky Tv then you might find the below article helpful. We have shared few tips to solve your queries. If the problem still persist, you can contact Sky customer services department. The Sky Tv contact number is: 0844 385 1222. After your query gets resolved, kindly rate this number below.

Reset Sky HD box

Following steps will guide you to reset your Sky hd box:


Turn off your Sky box and unplug it from the mains.

How to save money by resetting Sky + yourself


Turn off your other devices such as Sky Tv that are connected to Sky box. After switching them off, make sure you unplug those devices from the mains.

 How do i reboot my Sky HD box without unplugging


Examine whether the power light on your Sky box and other connected devices are “off”.


Now plug all the devices to the mains and turn “on” those devices.

 How to Hard reset Sky+HD box


You will see a “red power light” on your Sky Tv box is illuminated.


After 3 minutes, on your Sky remote press “Sky” button. A green light will be illuminated on the front panel of your Sky Tv box.

If there is no green light on your Sky Tv box or it is unable to reboot your sky hd box, reach out to Sky technical support services department. Dial Sky contact phone number: 0844 385 1222 to speak to the technical team member of Sky support.

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How To Reboot Sky TV HD Box?

beats by dr. dre customer service support number

Beats By Dr Dre Customer Service Contact Number

Beats By Dr Dre Customer Service

 0844 385 1666

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Here are some common questions that Beats by Dr. Dre customers ask the customer support. If you happen to call the customer support, please don’t forget to rate the Beats by Dr. Dre Customer Service below.

Founded: 2008
Customer service: 0800 028 2329
Headquarters: Santa Monica, California, United States
Revenue: 1.5 billion USD (2013)
Acquisition date: 2014
Founders: Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine

How to connect my mobile with  Beats wireless headphones?

To connect your phone with Beats headphone, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure your Beats wireless headphones are ON.
  • Activate your phone bluetooth and search for the devices.
  • Select “Beats wireless” on your phone and your headphones will be connected.
  • If you get any passcode option, enter 0000 as the code.

Contact Number For Beats by Dr Dre Audio Support

0844 385 1666

How to reset my Beats studio headphones?

To reset your Beats studio headphones, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You have to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • After you release the button, all the fuel gauge LEDs will blink white.
  • The white lights will be followed by one blinking red light.
  • When all the gauge lights stop flashing, your headphones will be reset.
  • The headphones will automatically power on.

Beats by Dre Support Contact Number

0844 385 1666

How to connect my Beats pill speaker with my phone?

To connect your Beats pill speaker with your phone, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn ON your Beats pill by pressing the power button at the top of the pill speaker.
  • Then you have to press “b” for three seconds until the bluetooth LED located at the rear of the pill blinks white.
  • Activate your phone bluetooth and select “Beats Pill”. Your phone and pill will be paired.
  • Your phone is now connected with the Beats pill.

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Lovefilm Phone Number

LOVEFiLM Contact number

How To Contact Lovefilm Uk?

LoveFilm stylised as LOVEFiLM was a British provider of DVD by mail and streaming video on demand in UK and Germany. LoveFilm has grown rapidly mainly due to a continuous series of acquisitions and 10 reported mergers.

Due to this they had reached 2 million subscribers by 2011, over 70, 000 titles and over 4 million DVDs, Blu ray or Games titles per month in 5 countries.

LOVEFiLM Contact number

0800 496 1369

The company was acquired by in 2011 and in February 2014 merged LOVEFiLM’s streaming service into its video streaming service.

LOVEFiLM brand is still maintained in Germany and United Kingdom from Amazon’s local websites.

Looking For LoveFilm Contact Us Details?

How do I contact Customer Service?

Lovefilm Helpline Number,

LoveFiLM Services

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Some of the major services offered by LoveFilm are

LoveFilm by Post

Online Rental list

LoveFilm on Devices : LoveFilm is compatible on a range of devices. Written below is a list of these devices


Wii U

Xbox 360

Xbox One

Playstation 3

Playstation 4

Sony Bravia/Sony Network Media Player

Samsung/LG Smart TVs/Blu-ray Players

Kindle Fire HD



iPod Touch

Are you having trouble finding the film title of your choice?

Are you having trouble returning the disc?

LoveFilm UK Contact Number

0800 496 1369

manchester united ticket office phone number

Manchester United Contact Number

How To Contact Manchester United?

Manchester United F.C is a professional football club located in Old Trafford stadium in Great Manchester, England, which competes in premier league of British and European football leagues.

The club was started in 1878 under its initial name Newton Heath LYR (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway). In 1910, the company left its first address of Bank street and moved permanently to the newly constructed Old Trafford stadium which became a second name for the club.

This fact permanently etched a name for itself in popular football folklore.

Till date the club has won 20 British football league titles (most by any British tclub), 11 FA Cups, 4 League cups and a record number of 20 FA Community Shields.

In the year 2013 – 14, it was the second highest earning football club.

Manchester United Contact Number

+44 (0) 161 868 8000

Manchester United Contact Number,Manchester United Contact Address,Manchester United Contact Email,manchester united ticket office phone number,manchester united ticket office contact number,manchester united ticket office telephone number

Manchester United Football Club

Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the world and offers a host of services to its dedicated fan base.

Some of the major services are

  1. Museum & Stadium Tour
  2. Fanzone
  3. Season Tickets
  4. Tickets & Hospitality
  5. Shopping
  6. MU TV
  7. Official Membership and Benefits
  8. Disabled Support
  9. Betting and Gaming
  10. Investor Relations

Are you a fan and not able to access any of the above listed services? Were your tickets damaged? You can have any query so we will provide you with the number to contact Manchester United UK.

Looking for Manchester United Customer Service?

+44 (0) 161 868 8000


gumtree contact number, contact gumtree, gumtree contact, contact gumtree uk,

Gumtree Customer Service Contact Number

About GumTree or Gumtree is britain’s largest online community classifieds and one of the top 30 websites in UK to receive 14.8 million unique visitors every month as stated in an online traffic audit by, as of November 2010.

Gumtree Customer Service

Gumtree is available in a number of cities in 9 countries.

Started in March 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall it is now a subsidiary of UK.

Some of the most widely asked questions by Gumtree  customers are:

Where Can I Get Telephone Number For Gumtree Support?

How to contact gumtree?

What Is Gumtree Customer Service UK Phone Number?

Where can i get  Gumtree Phone Number?

I Want Free Phone Number For Gumtree?

Number For Gumtree Customer Services Contact Number?

How To Contact Gumtree Support?

Contact Gumtree UK

Are you facing any problem with the user interface? Are you confused over any particular concept? Don’t you worry, we have just the solution you need.

These numbers will connect you to the Gumtree super friendly customer executives.

Gumtree Services

Gumtree is a very popular site not just for posting ads but for online customer analysis and for a wide variety of services.

Listed below are the major services.

  1. Display – Displays important data to show why to promote on Gumtree
  2. Classifieds- Leading spot to promote your business or job listings etc
  3. Self Serve ads – Create such an ad in 4 simple steps
  4. Insights – It offers you an insight into an average Gumtree user

Whatever your need may be and your problem is we will offer you the number that will link you directly to the Gumtree Helpline Number?

 Gumtree Contact Number


Monday – Friday           9 am to 6 pm

Saturday – Sunday           Closed

Visit to fill out a form and the Gumtree team will contact you back with a plan that suits your needs.

Netflix Customer Service Contact Number

Netflix Customer Service Contact Number

Netflix is a global broadcaster online portal and streams movies, tv series and wide variety of original content too in the recent years including award winning tv series & movies. The company was founded in 1997 in Los Gatos, California and has since grown to 190 countries with over 75 million subscribers of which 44 million are in US alone. Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings are the founder members.

Netflix Contact Number

CEO: Reed Hastings
Founded: August 29, 1997, Scotts Valley, California, United States
Revenue: 6.77 billion USD (2015)
Headquarters: Los Gatos, California, United States
Founders: Reed Hastings, Marc Randolph

Some of the most widely asked questions by Netflix  customers are:

Where Can I Get Telephone Number For Netflix Support?

Which Is Best Netflix customer care Number?

What Is Netflix Customer Service UK Phone Number?

Where can i get  Netflix Phone Number?

I Want Free Phone Number For Netflix?

Number For Netflix Customer Services Contact Number?

How To Contact Netflix Support?

Did you have any problem in opening your Netflix account? Is the content streaming to your device facing any difficulty? Don’t worry and just go through the contact channels on the page connecting you to the Netflix helpline number.

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Netflix Customer Service

The number we will provide you with will answer all your queries and solve all your problems relating to Netflix account.

Netflix Services

Netflix provides its services through

  1. Internet Video Streaming
  2. Qwikster – Disc rental service

We provide you with the number that will act as a one stop solution for all Netflix customers.

Netflix Contact Number

sony ps4 customer service,

Sony PlayStation Customer Service

PlayStation Contact Phone Number

playstation contact number

Sony Playstation 4 is the home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment as a successor to the three versions before it and was announced during a press conference on February 20, 2013. It got launched on November 15, 2013 in North America and November 29, 2013 in Europe, South America and Australia before other parts of the world.

As of January 2016, 35 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold worldwide.

Having issues with PS3 or PS4? OR You Need technical Any help For PlayStation Vita?

PS4 Playstation Phone Number

Contact Playstation on email at

Sony Ps4 Customer Service - Uk Playstation Support Number

 Some of the most widely asked questions by Playstation UK customers are:

Which Is Best Way To Contact PlayStation UK ?

What Is contact Sony Support UK  Number?

Where can i get  Playstation UK Contact Support Phone Number?

Where can i get  Working free phone number for Playstation tech support?

Number For Sony Ps4 Customer Service Contact Number?

How To Contact Sony PS4, PS3, PS-Vita Support UK?

Are you experiencing difficulty operating on your Sony Playstation 4? You have trouble with billing or any other service? Well, don’t you worry for a single moment and just relax. We have the tools and the solution to get you out of any trouble whatsoever as early as possible.

The number will directly connect you with a Sony PS 4 UK Support Executive and help you return what you enjoy the most that is Gaming.

Where Should I find PS4 serial number?

On the PS3, your serial number can be found on a white sticker located at the rear of the console (where all the cables plug in). On your PS4, the serial number is located just under the model number on the side of the console. It looks like a long barcode and contains both letters and numbers.

Sony PS 4 Gaming Customer Services

Sony PS4 is a popular home video game console and also offers a wide variety of services that are constantly updated to keep the users hooked. Some of these major features are listed below

  • PS Vita – Allows you to connect game to PS Vita through a remote

  • Share Button – Share your best games moments on social networking with your friends

  • Streaming – Broadcast your games to million of gamers

  • Share factory – Share your feedback in the form of videos & pics with customization.

  • Party – Create a Party group and be in contact with all your friends on PS4

  • Voice commands – Jump into a favorite game or just navigate through PS4  with your voice

  • Spectating – Discover hundreds of games from live streamers around the world

Using the Sony PlayStation contact number you will also be able to access the Sony PlayStation team to gain help to:

  • Find out more about PlayStation products

  • Access to PSN

  • Information on PlayStation Plus

  • Updates

  • More detailed information is further below

PlayStation Plus for PS4

PlayStation Plus is an online service provided by PlayStation which gives free games and online content and allows you to play online with your PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3 users don’t have to sign up for PlayStation Plus as online gaming for older versions of PlayStation is free. PlayStation Plus gives you some great benefits:

  • Subscribe from as little as £3.33 per month

  • Get 24 games a year for free

  • Exclusive online content and discounts for the PS Store

  • Access to share play – so you can share games with friends

  • 10Gb of cloud storage for your PS4 game saves

Hundreds of classic PlayStation games to choose from and some are compatible across:

  • PlayStation 4

  • PlayStation 3

  • PS Vita

  • PlayStation TV

Use the PlayStation phone number on to speak to a Sony PlayStation customer services agent for more information.

PlayStation VR

sony playstation ps4 VR 2016

Sony Rumored to Upgrade the Playstation 4 for 4k Video – Priced At $499, includes camera

Sony is planning a new version of the Playstation 4 game console, … more powerful PS4 is better performance for the Playstation VR headset.

Sony has announced that a PlayStation VR “launch bundle” will be available for preorder beginning Tuesday, and it’ll be priced at $499.

Need Help With PlayStation Updates, Seting up your console – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation PSX.

If you have a problem with any of these special features and any other Sony PS4 detail you need clarity on then contact Sony Playstation number to know further.

Contact Playstation Customer Service

Contact Number for;

PlayStation Network (PSN)
PlayStation Store & PS Now
PlayStation 4, PS 4
PlayStation 3, PS 3
PlayStation 2, PS 2
PlayStation PSX

Playstation Support opening hours

Monday – Saturday        10.30 am to 19.30 pm

PS : Do keep your Playstation details with you before calling to get a quick response.

Alternatively, UK customers can contact Playstation on email at They will be able to help with Playstation and PSP enquiries.

Has this information helped you? What problem did you have with your Playstation? Leave a comment and let us know!

Contact Superbreak London, Contact Us

Contact Superbreak London – Hotel Packages, Dinner Offers & Theatre Breaks

 About Superbreak UK

Superbreak is a travel portal based in England and mostly specialises in short breaks at a specific location including concerts, rail tours, theatre, hotels etc in UK and in many countries around the world. Continue reading

tv licensing contact number

Contact TV Licensing

About Tv License

In the United Kingdom and its crown dependent countries any household watching or live transmission event is required to hold a tv license.

A standard colour tv license costs £ 145.50.

TV Licensing Contact Number

Some of the most widely asked questions by Tv License customers are:

Where Can I Get Number For Tv License Support?

Which Is Best Tv License customer service Number?

What Is Tv Licensing Phone Number?

Where can i get Tv License contact Number?

I Want Free Contact Number For Tv License?

How TO Contact Tv License Customer Service?

You have any confusion on Tv License? Don’t you worry, we will offer you solutions on all the queries.

Contact the info for Tv License Helpline Number and the customer representative will answer all your queries.

Contact TV Licensing

Tv license service allows all who want to apply for a tv license in Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly basis.

You can get in touch with the contact number for Tv License and know all the answers.

FOR TV Licensing Enquiries

Call – (For Reception problems and complaints)


  (Programme complaints)

Other contact details for complaints sections are on the page where you can get some of the other ways to contact Tv License UK.

 is the contact us page for Tv License Customer Support.

Apple Customer service Number

Apple Customer Service

844 385 1666

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Apple Support UK

Apple Customer service team is burdened with a never-ending list of questions. They have to deal with questions regarding the products, and other services offered by the concerned company. But, On the contrary, Apple ensures that they provide the greatest level of customer service possible. Most possibly, it has a straight impact on the company’s representation. If any company fails to offer good services, the customer will never be tending to buy the products.

Apple has placed a widespread customer support system, and they ensure being able to manage all the calls coming directly to them. They monitor all their calls very carefully. There is the provision of an automated menu, and this menu has a series of options which are chosen to the different sections within the customer service department. Apple is responsive of the customers’ problems, and they know how to allocate their executives and as a result where to spotlight their efforts. In case, the customer support department is getting numerous calls, they know how to appraise their allocation.

apple customer care - apple support number

Apple Contact Number844 385 1666

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

The internet provides the ability to reach out to the maximum of customers in an easier way. However, there stays a need for customers to utilize a telephone line to place the call. In this aspect, Apple has made a comprehensive support section for all the customers. even if you are looking for apple itunes customer service number or need to contact iphone customer service, the contact number given here is what you would like to have at hand.

The online information services of Apple are widespread, and they permit the customer to conduct some research to find solution to their enquiries. It can help reduce the need to contact apple customer service. On the website, there is provision of the FAQ section which comprises of answers to a series of questions asked by customers.

Apple offers instant assistance in the form of Live Chat and instant messaging service. It permits for a thorough conversation that is held over the internet. You can get visual assistance and instant responses from the customer executives. Another provision is in the form of sending emails that permits for an immediate response. Apple is the company that has been able to allocate the problem to the most suitable advisor.

It would be much easier to contact the Apple customer services helpline by simply dialing the Apple phone number listed on this website.

Apple Customer Service - Contact Number & Apple Support UK


How Do I Contact Apple Customer Care Directly?

For all enquiries pertaining to Apple – one of the biggest technology companies in the world, utilize the Apple contact number listed on this website for instant customer service. Al the Apple products have become one and the same with the present world and leisure on the go, such as the iPod, the iPhone, iTunes and the iTouch. These products permit for both communication and leisure on the move. Since the list of people who possess an Apple product is amazing, the Apple customer care department is always busy to attend a large number of calls every day.

As soon as the Apple customer service number listed on this website is dialed, the caller will get connected to an automated menu. This menu provides options for the different divisions, in between the customer service department. In this way, the caller will be able to get efficient and quality service. They will get connected to an executive who is self-confident in the guidance that they put forward to you.

 Apple Customer Service Contact Number


A number of reasons can be there to contact Apple customer support. It may vary from technical problems to asking about the latest accessories that can augment the look of the Apple products. All Apple customer service executives are highly skilled, and are able to tender the greatest level of service possible.

Apple iPhone & iOS 8 Customer Support Number Apple iPhone & iOS 8 Support FAQs:

Which is the best place to purchase an iPhone?

Now when you purchase iPhone from the ‘Apple Online Store’, the set would be SIM-free which allows you to sign up for any service of your choice as well as change it at any time whenever you wish to. And you can avail any SIM or/and micro-SIM card which offers iPhone plans.
And you can opt for the ‘Apple Online Store’ 24 hrs a day to shop for your iPhone as well as all its accessories. After selecting your choice, you just simply have to add the item(s) to the shopping basket and then check out.

For further information, contact Apple support number uk or Apple’s official website. ‘Apple iPhone Support’ page is full of information and details to assist you to know more about the device’s capabilities, including the ‘How Tos’ articles, user’s guide, troubleshooting tips and various discussion forums. And this website is regularly updated to help you out to check for latest valuable information about your iPhone.

#Apple #iPodTouch #6thGen: A Visual Rundown


How to get ready for your iPhone?

Just check-out for these tips that’ll prepare you for the new iPhone device:

Before activating your iPhone:

• Verify the voicemail: The device activation might delete all the existing voicemails. So in case if you’re planning to transfer your existing mobile number from any other operator, the existing voicemails might not be transferred.
• Move your photos, music and contacts: Transfer the existing contacts onto the ‘Outlook’ or ‘Outlook Express’ on your PC or the ‘Address Book’ or the ‘Entourage’ on the Mac.

Reminder: Just use the particular mobile handbook or visit the website to do this.

Is the iPhone compatible with your PC as well as the Microsoft Windows?

Yes it is. iPhone is not just meant only for the Mac users (though Apple manufactures it). It is very much compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP Professional or XP Home.

What are the minimum system requirements the PC or Mac should have?

The Mac System requirements:

• Mac OS X v10.5.8 or higher.
• A USB 2.0 port.
• Latest iTunes version.

The Windows System requirements:

• Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP Professional (SP3) or XP Home.
• A USB 2.0 port.
• Latest iTunes version.

How to activate your iPhone?

Just follow the below mentioned simple steps, if you wish to activate the iPhone:

  • First insert the activated as well as the compatible SIM Card (for iPhone 3GS) or the micro-SIM Card (for iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S) into the device.
  • To Switch On your iPhone, press and hold the On/Off button just for few seconds. After that carefully follow all the instructions which are there onscreen in order to activate as well as to set up the device.
  • And you can also use the option of using ‘iTunes’ to finish your activation.
  • Just connect your iPhone device to a USB 2.0 port on your PC or Mac via the USB Cable or the Dock Connector which comes with the device. ‘iTunes’ will automatically open-up.
  • After that, carefully follow all the instructions which are there onscreen in the ‘iTunes’.
  • Now to use ‘iTunes’, just ensure that your PC is linked with the internet while you activate your device, either via any direct connection or a Wi-Fi network to the router or your Ethernet network.
  • And in case it’s not linked with internet, you won’t be able to activate your device successfully.

For more information, Contact Apple Customer Services or just log on to Apple website.

Apple Customer Service - Contact Number & Apple Support UK contact itunes itunes contact number contact itunes uk

Apple iTunes Support

Here are some common queries which customers may ask the Apple iTunes customer support team. If you happen to call the customer support team, don’t forget to rate the Apple Customer care support team below:

How to sync my apple devices with iTunes?

To sync your apple devices with iTunes, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open iTunes in your computer and connect your apple device with the computer.

  • Click on your apple device on iTunes.

  • Select “Sync with (your apple device) over Wifi” on the summary tab.

  • Click on  “Apply” and then you have to disconnect the USB cable.

  • Choose the items you want to sync and click on sync.

iTunes Contact Number

How to update iTunes on my computer?

To update iTunes on your computer follow the steps mentioned below:

For Windows:

  • Open iTunes on your system.

  • Select “Help” > click on “Check for updates”.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the latest version of iTunes.

For Mac:

  • Open iTunes on your system.

  • Select “iTunes” from the menu bar.

  • Click on “Check for updates”.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the latest version of iTunes.

Apple itunes support

How To Contact itunes ?

We are an autonomous company who offer this itunes support number, we provide an easily structured contact number for Apple itunes customer service. No third party is involved in the whole conversation, as these third parties interrupt the call before you can talk with an itunes customer service executive. The number is a direct dial number to contact apple itunes support.

 apple support number

Simple & Fastest Ways to Contact Apple iTunes Customer Care

Apple Customer Service - Contact Number & Apple Support UK

The Apple support phone number listed on this website is a direct contact number. This number is easily accessible to be dialed seven days a week. It will connect you directly to the relevant department who work exclusively for the UK based customers. Apple is an international company who caters to the needs of customers across the world. Callers can be positive of calling the Apple customer service number listed on this website. Here, they can get assistance on all their enquiries and support on how to use the Apple products and get the best of them. Moreover, Apple monitors the calls to this number, and not by us.

Compatible Accessories:

Now all those accessories which were specifically designed for iPod might not be wholly compatible with the iPhone yet, as mobile devices might cause audio-interference with some of these accessories.

Apple has set certain specific iPhone compatibility needs for all the accessory producers. And all those accessories which are being manufactured to be compatible with the iPhone device would bear a ‘Works with iPhone’ package logo.

However, it is quite possible to utilize most of the iPod accessories which are not certified yet to work with your iPhone device. Now, when your iPhone is connected to any of these accessories, your iPhone device would notify that the particular accessory isn’t compatible with your device.

Then you’ll be offered to opt for the Airplane Mode. The Airplane mode will switch off the iPhone’s communication ability till the time it’s connected with that particular accessory. It means you won’t be disturbed by any possible audio interference, though you can’t receive or make any calls during that period. And in case you do not opt for the Airplane Mode, you might experience certain audio interference but you still can receive as well as make your calls.


Apple offers various services which make the ‘Apple Store’ an ideal place to buy items to offer these as gifts for friends and family. Just check out everything you wish to know about offering your gift via the Apple Store. You can even add your ‘Gift Message’ on the packing (without any charges) for most of the items at the Apple store.


Apple has always been a big supporter of product recycling concept and seriously considers that the recycling concept broadens to the appropriate used electronic item disposal. And its recycling curriculum would readily accept all your mobile phone or any iPod devices (without any charges) without even considering its model or the manufacturer.

How to check your ‘Order Status’ online?

Now in case you’ve ordered your iPhone device via the Apple Online Store, then you’ll receive a confirmation email such as ‘we have received your order’. Then log on to the ‘Order Status’ page to check your order status, cancel your order, change your order etc.

After your order has been accepted as well as processed, you will receive a dispatch notification email which will confirm that your ordered product(s) have been shipped. And the notification email would also details such as carrier, tracking and the delivery dates (estimated).

For more information, contact Apple customer service or visit official Apple website.

 apple uk support number

Apple UK Support ( Product & Technical )

Browse online support

Visit the Apple Support site for quick answers, manuals and in-depth technical articles. Visit Apple Support Communities to get help and tips from fellow Apple customers.The Apple official website can be easily accessed 24/7, and the customers can also use the internet based correspondence so as to connect directly with Apple customer services department. There is a variety of information concerning basic troubleshooting features for several Apple products on the website. The customers can also call Apple support helpline if they desire.

Apple Contact Number

At whatever time the contact number for the Apple customer service is dialed from a BT landline, the bill payer will be incurred the standard charges of just 5p per minute. In case, the caller uses a different landline or a mobile phone to place the call, it may incur additional charges. The cost of call for number – 08443851666 connecting to the Apple customer services department is determined by the service provider, and we cannot make any assurance about the charges.

Returns as well as Refunds:

Now in case you aren’t fully satisfied with the purchased product and wish to return it, you can return the iPhone device, within 14 days from date of delivery, to the Apple Store to get your full refund.

And just check for the following before returning your iPhone device back to Apple:

  • • Your RMA number which was issued on request by Apple.
  • • All the accessories, in-box warranties and each of the material supplied along with.
  • • Entire packaging which was there with the supplied product (unless it was damaged while opening it). The original packaging is most appropriate for product returns and if it’s not damaged while opening the product, the same packaging must be used.
  • • Your RMA number should be clearly visible.
  • • The packaging should be sealed properly.

 contact apple support

iOS 8:

When iOS 8 was being launched?

iOS 8 was being launched on 17th September, 2014 and is now readily available to download as well as install.

What is the estimate cost of iOS 8?

Well, it is free of cost and can be downloaded through the internet. The approximate file size of iOS 8 varies between 1.5GB up to 6GB depending on the device’s model (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and/or if you upgrade your device via OTA (over-the-air) or iTunes.

What is required to run or upgrade to iOS 8?

Below is the list of all the iOS compatible devices. However, all of these might not support every iOS 8 feature:

  • • iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/ 5c/5s and iPhone 6.
  • • iPad Air.
  • • iPad mini.
  • • iPod touch (5th generation).

See Complete List Of Apple iOS 8 Features Here

I possess a compatible Apple device. Now how would I download as well as install the iOS 8?

Now you can even download iOS 8 directly on your device as well as upgrade to iOS 8 via OTA (over the air) or you can even download iOS 8 on your system and upgrade your device via iTunes (iTunes 11.4.0 version or higher is needed to access iOS 8). And following are the basic system-requisites to download the iTunes 11.4.0 version:

  • • Apple Mac system possessing an Intel Processor and a Mac OS X 10.6.8 version or higher.
  • • Or a 1GHz PC with an Intel or an AMD processor + a RAM of 512MB + ‘Windows XP Service Pack 2’ or higher, ‘Windows Vista’ 32/64-bit editions, ‘Windows 7’ 32/64-bit editions or higher or any ‘Windows 8’ 32/64-bit editions.

After installing the iTunes 11.4.0 or higher plug-in your device, just choose it in the left side list (start with ‘View menu’ > ‘Show Sidebar’ to view the list or just click the button on the top right of the ‘iTunes’ window of your device), then click on the ‘Check for update’ option on the right.

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Experience the digital lifestyle at any of the Apple Retail Stores around the United Kingdom. Find store hours and contact information for all locations.

Apple Store for Business

If you are a business or professional user, visit the Apple Store for Business or call 0844 381 5190. Lines are open Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00. The Apple Store for Business offers a host of business services and financing solutions, as well as trade-in and developer sales. Open an account today.

Apple for Education

If you are a student or teacher, visit the How to Shop page or call 08443851666. If you are buying on behalf of an educational institution, visit the HE National Contract Store or call 08443851666. Lines are open Monday-Friday 09:00‑17:00.

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Apple shops are Apple-designed retail outlets situated within established retail environments, such as department stores. Apple shops are staffed with trained experts who can tell you everything you need to know about the Mac.

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Apple Premium Resellers are independent resellers who live and breathe the Mac. These Apple-dedicated outlets offer the complete range of Macs and iPods, along with a full complement of accessories and value-add services.

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