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How To Contact Next Customer Services?

Next is a multinational clothing, footwear and home products’ retail chain with its main base in London. Out of the 700 stores spread around the world it has 502 stores located in UK & Ireland only.

In terms of number of sales, Next is the largest clothing retailer in UK.

NEXT Contact Number

0333 777 8000

Some of the most frequently asked questions by Next  customers are:

Where Can I Get Telephone Number For Next Support?

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What Is Next Customer Service UK Phone Number?

Where can I get  Next Phone Number?

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Contact Number For Next Customer Services ?

How To Contact Next Support?

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NEXT Services

Some of the major services offered by Next are under the following categories

  1. Women

  2. Lingerie

  3. Men

  4. Girls

  5. Boys

  6. Shoes

  7. Home & Furniture

  8. Label

  9. Lipsy & Co.

  10. Flowers

  11. Clearance

Feel free to call on Next Helpline Number 03337778000 to get some more info on these services.


For rest of the contact info, Click Here

Did you have a bad experience while shopping in a Next outlet or on the online portal? Want to report it to the complaints desk? Call on the number below and you will be connected to the customer executives at the Next Customer Support.

NEXT Contact Number

0333 777 8000

(Directory/Online orders and enquiries)

NEXT customer services free number

 0800 838 458

How to track my order?

Sign in to your Next account by clicking here and select “Order Tracking” on the left hand side under “Account Options”.

How to order Next eVoucher?

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the  eVouchers page under “Flowers and Gifts”.
  • Select the gift amount,  design and add the recipient details.
  • Choose a delivery date.
  • Click the Add to Bag button. The eVoucher will be added to the shopping bag.

How to check balance on my Next eVoucher?

You can call at Next customer care centre  0333 777 8800. Also you can check your balance in any one of the Next stores.

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What is the validity period for Next eVoucher?

Next eVouchers are valid for 24 months from the last transaction (transactions include balance enquiries).

How to redeem an eVoucher in Next store?

You can take a print  of your eVoucher into any  Next store in the UK and Eire or you can present your eVoucher email on your mobile phone.

What to do if my Next eVoucher is lost, stolen or damaged?

Next cannot accept responsibility for your eVoucher if it is lost, stolen, damaged or used without permission.You have to keep your eVoucher number and pin secure. If you have the original email of your eVoucher, you can reprint the eVoucher when lost.

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How to reset my Next account password?

  • Click on  ‘Forgotten Password’  > enter your details in  ‘password hint’ box
  • Click on “Reset”. You will get an email containing a temporary password.
  • With this password log-in to ‘My Account’ and change your password by clicking on ‘Sign in details’.

 What to do if I have received a faulty item in my order?

NEXT Contact Number

You can return the item into a Next store. If the item is still required, it can be re-ordered for you with free delivery, provided it is still available.

For further information you can call Next customer care number:  0333 777 8787

Timings:  8am – 11pm (7 days )

Alternatively, you can also request a callback by clicking here.

Faulty Furniture:You can call Home Customer Services team on 0333 777 8999 and they will assist you in the best possible way.

Domestic Appliances: For any domestic appliances, you can contact Next Electricals Team on 0333 777 8907 with the same timings mentioned above.

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What to do if I haven’t received my order?

You can track  your order here. If the order does not arrive on the stated date, you can call the Next customer care team on 0333 777 8789

Timings: 8am – 11pm (7 days).

What to do if I cannot see the items ordered in “Order Tracking”?

Some sale items have not yet updated onto “Order Tracking” . You have to  click on “Account Summary” within “My Account” and select “Recent Activity” to see  all your ordered items.

Why haven’t I received a refund?

Next will credit your account within 2 working days. And if the items are returned via courier or the Post Office it will take 14 days for your account to be credited. If you have made a payment via credit/debit card, gift Card or eVoucher for your order, then the amount will be credited to your Next directory account.

If the refund is still not received you can call on Next customer care number: 0333 777 8000.

Timings: 8am – 11pm(7 days).

How do I exchange an item?

In order to exchange an item you will have to return the item to a Next store. For more information you can check the company returns policy. If the item is returned to a Next store, you will be refunded for the item within 2 working days. If an item is returned by Courier or by Post, the item will be credited within 14 days.

NOTE: You will not be able to exchange an item that was purchased through the Directory with items available in store. You will need to carry out a separate transaction in store.

What to do if I have received an incorrect item?

In this case, you have to  call Next customer care number: 0333 777 8000. The company will be able to replace the item for you, free of cost.

How to cancel my Direct Debit?

To cancel your direct debit you can call Next Accounts Administration Department on 0333 777 4503.

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Also you can use contact form,choose Next Directory/Online  and then Payment Query from the drop down menus.

How to change or cancel my order?

In order to cancel your order you can call on Next customer care number: 0333 777 8000. However the company cannot change your order.

How to change my contact details?

  • Telephone Numbers:

You can update your number by logging into your Next account, select ‘Change Details’ from the Menu and select ‘Contact Details’.

  • Email Address:

To register or change your email address, you can call on Next customer care number: 0333 777 8000.

When will I receive my statements?

You will receive your 1st statement 10 days after your 1st order. Consecutive statements will follow on the same day each month when there is a balance outstanding.

Can I choose or change my statement date?

NEXT Customer Servicestatement date will start after your 10 day approval period following your first order. However the company cannot change the statement date.

How to close my Next account?

In order to close your account you can call on 0333 777 8000 or e-mail using the Contact Form.

While closing the account you need to provide your customer number and date of birth.

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What to do if my Directory Card is lost/stolen?

In this case you have to contact Next helpline on 0800 838 458  and the company will cancel your card and reissue a new one.

Timings: 7:30am – 11:00pm (7 days).

What to do if my statement is lost?

You have to sign into your Next account and click on ‘My Statements’ in the left hand section.

For more queries you can call on free automated Self Serve service number: 0800 58 777 58 and follow the instructions.

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