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Looking For Sky Contact Number For Sky TV or Broadband Support?

Just dial the sky contact number mentioned below in order to have a word with sky customer service team person on urgent basis. This sky phone number has been widely used by many sky old/new customers and has been one of the top-rated sky number in uk. Thousands of sky customers have benefited from this phone number till now and still counting. Just give them a call or you may also Contact Sky by Live Chat, or email. Sky phone numbers will also connect you straight to their help and support team.

 Sky Contact Number0844 385 1222

(NEW) Sky Free Phone Numbers

0800 151 2747      |       0800 561 4457       |       08001 512 758

Although Sky customer Service operations are available between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week, but the Best time to call at sky hotline is before the hours of 11am, as after that all the lines to sky support experience a heavy rush and are either not availaible or the sky call centre operators are too busy.

Headquarters: London     |    CEO: Jeremy Darroch       |      Founder: Rupert Murdoch

List Of Sky Contact Numbers For Various Sky Departments

Department☎ Contact Number☎ Freephone Number
☎ 1. Sky TV 08001 512 75803442 411 653
☎ 2. Sky Broadband / Sky Talk 08001 512 75803442 411 653
☎ 3. Sky TV Apps 08001 512 75803442 411 599
☎ 4. Sky Protect0800 561 44570800 561 4457
☎ 5. Upgrade Sky Equipment08442 411 65308442 411 653
☎ 6. Schedule Appointment – Sky Complaints0844 385 1222 0333 100 0333
☎ 7. Sky GO0844 385 122203442 411 599
☎ 8. Sky Cancellations03332 022 13503332 022 135
☎  9. Sky Sports Box Office0800 561 44570800 151 2747
☎  10.Moving Home0333 100 03330800 151 2747
☎  11. Sky Fibre Optic Broadband0844 385 12220800 561 4457

 Opening Timings: Monday to Sunday – 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.

For more information, click on the link:

Sky's technical team - Sky Contact Number

If you are an Existing or an old Sky customer than you might need to talk with a sky customer support advisor in order to change your sky packages/bundles, upgrade or downgrade your service, need help with your sky emails, bills and payment or simply need help & assistance in setting up or troubleshooting sky broadband. There are plethora of options open out there once you are connected with their customer support team.

The given Sky phone number provided will put you in direct contact with Sky help & support where all the important as well as private information related to your Sky account can be discussed and queries pertaining to technical issues could be easily solved.

According to our insider sources another way to get your sky complaint resolved is to email or/and

You must Include your full written complaint in details along with your current package and the sky service which is causing issues or any other problem you might be facing with any of the sky services + your contact details like email, home phone, mobile number so that a sky technician can reach you at the earliest. Most of the Sky complaints are dealt within 48 hours and it has also been reported that some sky customers are now enjoying their services at half the cost of original package after submitting their complaint with Sky customer services team.

All calls you place will be connected directly to a SKY official operator via the SKY contact telephone number on this page. We provide best available top rated sky contact number to you so that it helps saving your time and effort in finding the numbers online on the internet, you do not need to crawl various bogus websites, many of which are simply useless or they enlist fake numbers.

How to contact Sky?

Recently due to fierce competition from its rivals such as BT, Vodafone, TalkTalk & EE, and due to ongoing pressure from Ofcom, Sky has been under constant pressure to raise the level of quality of customer service that is being provided to sky customers, result of which , they have taken their customer support to an altogether new level, and this sky contact number mentioned here is the best way to have a first hand experience of their raised standards of customer care in Uk’s telecommunication industry.

Facing issues with Sky Tv? Unable to record programmes on Sky box? Want to get in touch with Sky technical support? We have shared useful Sky uk contact numbers below. Once the query is resolved, kindly rate the number below. You can contact Sky by calling on the following numbers mentioned below:

sky contact number

 Need To Contact Sky UK?

Sky online live chat

Go to this website then click ‘ask your question’ on the right hand side. Please use the dialogue box on the right hand side of the page to chat.  You can get back to that page by clicking “sky help centre” at the top.

What is Sky Contact Telephone Number?

It’s the ambition of Sky to constantly offer all of the services so as to make sure that the existing as well as the possible customers can get the whole thing in one location. Simply call the Sky customer services technical support number – 0844 800 60500, and you can instantly talk with an executive of the Sky customer services department. You can receive the best offers that suit yourself, including the needs of your family and get a sure shot solution to all your sky problems.

Sky TV is already offering a huge range of channels for their esteemed customers. Different Sky TV packages are accessible, and there is an option to watch catch-up TV and the current movies. You can get the best deals by buying all of the items collectively. You can buy a monthly package that includes Sky TV, broadband and a phone line. In case, you are facing any troubles with Sky TV/Broadband services, you can contact Sky directly by calling Sky broadband  phone number.

For all your sky complaints you call the Sky technical support number listed above, you will be charged at the basic rate of just 5p per minute call, provided that the caller makes use of a BT landline to place the call. The call made from another landline or a mobile phone may incur additional charges. There are some restrictions to dial the Sky number. The caller should be more than 18 years of age, and should have got the approval of the bill payer. Prior to calling this number – 0844-385-1222 from another service provider, the bill payer should verify the charges from their service provider.

How can I reschedule my appointment with Sky engineer?

schedule appointment with sky technical staff engineer

Unable to get rid of Sky Tv problems. Now you can schedule or reschedule your Sky technical engineer appointment online.

Visit your Sky account online or through Sky services app on your phone to reschedule an appointment. Once you have scheduled an appointment with the Sky engineer. You will receive a phone call from the Sky engineer an evening before the scheduled day to inform you about his/he arrival time. An adult or the person aged above 18 years should be present during the engineer visit.

To reschedule your appointment, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Sky account and go to “My Orders” section.
  • Click on “Change Visit date”.
  • And choose your preferred time slot and confirm the appointment.

If you do not have an online account, reschedule the Sky engineer appointment over phone. Sky contact no. is 0844 385 1222.

Sky Telephone Number

0844 385 1222

contact telephone number for sky support uk

After you are done online search for sky number, and luckily found one, It can be sometimes demanding to put a phone call to the Sky customer services department. Because of your busy schedule, you might not get extra time to call them. You should be able to call Sky technical support phone number, at whatever time you like. Prior to calling, keep your account number handy and you will be welcomed by the most cordial and helpful executives. Your account number will help them to access your account straight away. It supports the reason of dialing the Sky telephone number. To establish your identity, there will be limited and small conversation.

Sky has advanced a lot, after it was started in the late eighties. A pay-tv service was directly commenced into several homes in the UK. The Sky service got highly praised, and the customers got initiated this service in the calm of their own homes.

To get first hand experience of how innovative Sky customer service is, just call the Sky tv phone number listed here. This Sky helpline number is accessible seven days a week. Sky has an endless list of influential customers who are getting a specialized set of channels. This also includes the provision of digital television, and the standard global television services. The customers get enjoyment by viewing the latest movies, sporting events, and other regular television shows. In order to avail all of these services, simply dial the mentioned Sky contact phone number.

Sky TV Contact Number

0844 385 1222

The Sky tv includes a standard package of channels, and the customer can add to the number of channels by buying more packages. The three tiers – Entertainment Extra, Entertainment Extra+ and the basic one constitute the “Sky Entertainment” package. You can enjoy a multitude of channels, including documentary, comedy, music, drama, news and a lot of others like sky catch-up tv.

Sky is also offering a variety of offers to its valued customers. It is not denied that a number of contender television and internet companies have formed a serious threat to the highest champions. Sky is a global company, and they invested a great deal of funds in the whole project while entering the UK. They are offering best opportunities to all the valued customers. They also got special rights to different sporting events and various channels.

Sky has been successfully operating for over a large period of time. The Sky Movies channel is well-liked by almost all the customers. In the past time, the screening of movies was limited to cinema houses only. After that, a video of the movie was released which allowed for either the purchase or hire of the movie from a local shop. Sky Movies initiated to telecast latest movies through their Box Office service, at some additional charges.

Find Sky Office Location On Maps

Sky Broadband Contact Number

0844 385 1222

Sky offers exclusive sky broadband technical support services to its esteemed customers. The most unique Sky Store and Sky Go allow all of the customers to catch up with the missed programmes. This service is accessible to only those customers who have the subscription to Sky tv. If you do not have sky go/sky tv subscription, even than there are ways with which you could watch.  For any further queries or complaints of sky, you can get the information by dialing the  sky tv phone number – 0844-385-1222. The Sky Sports channel serves as a fixed incentive for sports fans to expand into subscribers. Some other famous sporting events such as F1 races, international cricket and golf meetings are only accessible through Sky tv. For the benefit of all customers, Sky Sports website provides the latest news from the spot where the events are going on.

What Is The Best Phone number To Contact Sky Help & Support?

Sky is a British telecommunications company. Sky provides television and fibre optic broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services to business and home users in the United Kingdom. Being UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster with close to 11 million customers as of 2015, the Sky contact number information is in high demand. Anyone wishing to contact Sky can call sky broadband contact. Calls are entertained for both existing users as well as prospective customers.

Reasons For Contacting Sky Support?

There are a variety of reasons one might want to contact Sky. The existing customers’ queries to Sky customer services would mostly relate to billing, making payments, requesting account assistance, upgrading or downgrading their services and such. On the other hand, the prospective customers would wish to learn as much as they can about the Sky options available to them and their respective prices. There really is no limit as to what one can get help with when calling the Sky helpline.

Contact Sky Support From Mobile

Any individual or business contemplating changing their service provider to Sky can do so without much hassle. A Sky customer service agent will assist you in setting up a new account and making a selection of services. In case you’re moving home, simply sent a transfer request to the system by phoning the Sky customer services number; they’ll take care of the rest. If however you wish to call for a transfer of service, you’d benefit from having the new address and the estimate date and time of the move available; it just makes the process easy on the Sky customer executive’s part when they have all the relevant information of their need available. To avoid any inconvenience, it’s advised to request the moving home service transfers a few weeks prior to the actual date of your move.

Sky Contact No


Sky History and Business Information

Located in Isleworth, Sky was previously known as British Sky Broadcasting or BSkyB. An epoch-making merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting unleashed the potential of the company to go on and become the largest digital subscription pay TV provider in the United Kingdom. With 11 million customers as of 2015, Sky was ranked as the top subscription television service in the United Kingdom. Interestingly Sky shares are traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100 Index. Rupert Murdoch holds significant stake in the company.

The pretext for the merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting was pretty simple and straightforward. Going alone, both the companies were facing financial difficulties competing against each other and fighting for more and more subscribers. Sam Chisholm was made the CEO of the new company and was presented with a daunting task of reorganising the company, which at that point of time was losing £10 million per week. Adjustments were made and by September 1991, the weekly losses had been brought down to £1.5 million; and by March 1992, the company started showing the first signs of success, making an estimated £100K weekly.

Sky Contact Phone Number

0844 385 1222

Rupert Murdoch resigned as BSkyB’s non-executive chairman in 2007 and his son James took up his position. Jeremy Darroch then went on to replace James when the latter decided to give up the CEO position. BSkyB recently acquired 21st Century Fox’s stakes in both Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia. Consequently, Sky Broadcasting Group plc name was changed to Sky plc to betoken the 2015 European acquisitions. The change was also reflective in the United Kingdom operations, now renamed as Sky UK Limited. Sky plc also bought all the remaining Sky Deutschland minority shareholders in 2015.

How to Contact Sky Customer Care Services?

To contact Sky Customer services, phoning would be your best bet, but having said that, there are a number of other contact channels at your disposal that you can take advantage of. The Sky contact number will put you online with a Sky customer representative, who’ll assist you with any general queries, account related enquiries or services issues you might have. Some of the most common topics and issues users can discuss when calling the contact number for sky are:

Sky Broadband Contact Number

  • Sky TV
  • Account & Billing
  • Problem Reporting
  • Sky Broadband
  • Sky Talk
  • Complaints
  • Moving Home
  • Sky TV Apps
  • Sky iD
  • Cancelling Service

Sky contact number free

General information about the aforementioned topics could be found online at At the help page you’d be required to pick a topic of your choice, which then opens up more in-depth and specific areas of information. The sky online help centre is automated, meaning you’ll basically have to help yourself by reading through the given information.

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Contact Number For Sky Customer Service Helpline

0844 385 1222

If you’ve got any queries regarding Sky TV, Sky Internet or Sky telephone services, you can simply use the ‘Sky contact number’ to talk to the sky customer services team. The service executive will do their best to help find solution to your queries. The Sky’s customer Services team are operating between 8:30 am to 11:30 pm, 7 days of the week. The busiest hours are obviously after 11am, so it’s best that you make a call before that time.


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Are You Searching For Sky Contact Number for Help & Support? Just Dial Sky Telephone Number 08443851222 to get all service related enquiries answered instantly.


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