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sky talkWhat is Sky Talk?

Sky Talk is a name used to describe two separate subscription services: a home telephone calls service (“Sky Talk Calls”) and a telephone line rental service (“Sky Line Rental”) (each a “Sky Talk Service”). You cannot take Sky Line Rental without Sky Talk Calls. – Sky Talk

The customers can use the Sky Talk contact number to get directly connected to the Sky Talk customer service team. Therefore the customer care team will be able to assist you with your Sky Talk account. You can call on the Sky Talk phone number anytime between 8:30am and 11:30 pm seven days a week.

For those who do not want to solely rely on phone, for them Sky Talk provides a home phone or business line. The Sky Talk phone number shown here can help you talk to a customer care representative who can provide you with detailed information about available telephone services. Sky offers several different service packages, and home phone service which can be bundled with internet and television service. Any Sky customer suport expert can give you full detailed information regarding special discount offers for new and existing customers.

Also, you can call the Sky talk expert Sky phone number. Regarding any changes that you want to make such as regarding your account details, also you can track your order by calling at the customer service number. You can also get information regarding introductory offers, call Sky Customer service phone number. The Sky Talk Tariff Guide lets you find the rates for all call destinations quickly and easily and outlines certain features of the service.

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sky talkGeneral Information Regarding Sky Talk

With Sky Talk you have numerous service options to choose from, such as from free and low-rate calls both being made available. Plenty of service plans for those who only plan to make calls domestic calls and no international calls, and also for those people who either occasionally or routinely make international calls. The most interesting part is that with selected plans you can have the liberty to make, calls free between a certain time period every day or on specific days of the week.

In some cases the calls are priced at per-minute rates. Call the Sky Talk phone number to inquire about specific rates for the times and places that you call most and avail the best of the offers. You can have full information regarding services of Sky talk on the Sky Talk website along with a complete listing of tariff options.

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sky line rental features

sky talkHow much is Sky Talk line rental?

From 1 December 2014, the standard monthly price of Sky Line Rental will increase from £15.40 to £16.40. At this stage, we are not making changes to the monthly charge for our Sky Talk packages for existing customers.

You can have start with your Sky Talk with as little as £4 per month. But before you go further you should take a note that a line rental cost is charged in addition to the base monthly fee. In addition to this, a per-minute fees may also apply along with the base monthly rate. It is certain that after having so many options in front of you, there must be a confusion about which service plan to take up. If you are stuck in between such a confusion of which service plans to select, then just call on Sky contact number and seek guidance from them.

The Sky Talk helpline number can give you related assistance and guidance with plan selection, based upon the information that you provide them with regarding your calling needs. Also, if you are unable to find the contact number, you can take the help of internet and have what are the various sky talk plans available to you that suits your needs as well as budget. Also, you can have a look at the terms and conditions for these plans, so that later on you don’t have any kind of confusion in selecting your particular plan. All this can be viewed online.

sky talkOptions with Sky Talk Service

The Sky talk has come up with an exciting and all new Evening and Weekend Plan. Here all calls that you make to landlines and mobile phones within the United Kingdom during the business week will just cost 11.5p per minute. Whereas all calls that are made after 7pm during the this week and weekend are included in the base monthly plan rate. The international calls will have the standard rates. You can immediately call the Sky Talk number for getting further details on the current rates.

The plan anytime Extra covers the cost of business week and weekend calls as both are included in the monthly price. Calls to 0845 and 0870 contact numbers and calls to Sky Talk support are included in the same. Now, by subscribing to this plan one can make international calls to twenty-two different countries at a discounted rate of 2p per minute. Sky talk number is specially for those who want to peep into a complete list of the international locations that are included for the reduced calling rate.

International Extra:  This plan is somewhat similar to the above mentioned plan, but differs in the way that here you can make international calls to 50 different locations without paying any extra cost. So, people who have  a trend of regularly making international calls each month can go in for or consider themselves to be eligible for considering the Anytime Extra services in order to save money on monthly rates.

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sky talkSky Talk packages

Sky Talk packages

Sky Talk Anytime International call rates can be found in the Sky Talk Weekends, Freetime, Anytime, Anytime UK and Anytime International prices from 1 July 2015 (Adobe PDF).

Sky Talk 24/7 call rates can be found in the 1 July 2015 Sky 24/7 Tariff Guide.

Sky Talk Super Unlimited call rates can be found in the 1 July, 2015 Sky Talk Super Unlimited Tariff Guide.

Last but not the least is the Pay As You Talk option. It is yet another option that you can take into your consideration. Well in reality this may actually turn out to be the most apt option for those who typically do not make many calls from home. You will only incur cost when you make a call unlike the others. People who are opting for the Sky internet services will automatically be subscribed to this services, but they should have opted not to pay for monthly phone service. Those who want to retain their current phone number have an option of  putting a request to only pay a line rental fee and keep their current telephone number. You can call Sky Talk if you wish to make use of this option for your home phone services.

Contact Sky for Problems with Phone Service

If you are encountering any turbulence regarding services of sky talk, then don’t be worried. As now you can can contact the Sky Talk customer services, and they will provide you assistance with any all your problems related to home phone service. Problems that you might come across are no dial tone, beeping on the line, noise or line interference, and phone line faults.

With the help of  Sky Talk customer care team all your problems can be detected and you will get a  proper solution. Commercial customers can also call Sky Talk customer care number if they encounter any kind of problem related to the service. If by any chance your problem is not resolved over the phone or your issues are to big to get solved over the telephone, then you can fix an appointment with the Sky talk customer care engineer to come to your home for the resolution of the problem. The Sky Talk help agent will assist with scheduling an appointment.

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