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How To Reboot Sky TV HD Box?

Few common queries sky customers usually have regarding their HD box –

My Sky box stuck on standby
How to Hard reset Sky+HD box?
How do I reset my SKY box?
How do i reboot my Sky HD box without unplugging?
How to save money by resetting Sky + yourself

If you are a Sky Tv customer and facing issues with resetting Sky Tv then you might find the below article helpful. We have shared few tips to solve your queries. If the problem still persist, you can contact Sky customer services department. The Sky Tv contact number is: 0844 385 1222. After your query gets resolved, kindly rate this number below.

Reset Sky HD box

Following steps will guide you to reset your Sky hd box:


Turn off your Sky box and unplug it from the mains.

How to save money by resetting Sky + yourself


Turn off your other devices such as Sky Tv that are connected to Sky box. After switching them off, make sure you unplug those devices from the mains.

 How do i reboot my Sky HD box without unplugging


Examine whether the power light on your Sky box and other connected devices are “off”.


Now plug all the devices to the mains and turn “on” those devices.

 How to Hard reset Sky+HD box


You will see a “red power light” on your Sky Tv box is illuminated.


After 3 minutes, on your Sky remote press “Sky” button. A green light will be illuminated on the front panel of your Sky Tv box.

If there is no green light on your Sky Tv box or it is unable to reboot your sky hd box, reach out to Sky technical support services department. Dial Sky contact phone number: 0844 385 1222 to speak to the technical team member of Sky support.

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How To Reboot Sky TV HD Box?


Sky Catch Up TV Guide: PART II

…………continued (Sky Catch Up TV Guide: PART I)

Catch Up TV is pretty easy to setup

Catch up TV comes almost free of cost to the sky subscribers I.E. they do not have to pay anything extra for it. It just comes in accordance with your sky TV subscription. You just need to connect your compatible Sky+HD box to your Broadband Router.

You can connect your Sky+HD Box in three different ways and you can do it with any broadband provider.

How to set up Sky+ ?

– To get started with sky+ first of all you should have is a compatible sky+ HD Box.

– Now press TV guide on your Sky remote.

Find More Info:- step by step instructions on setting up Sky+HD box yourself

In case you are not connected ,

Connect your Sky+HD box to the broadband.

3 Simple Ways to set up Sky+

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Option 1

Connecting via on Demand Connector

If your Sky HD box and your router are at some distance from each other

– Connect wirelessly instead of using wires.

if you are a new sky TV subscriber and you have one of the newer Sky+ HD boxes since these boxes come up with in built WiFi.

– Wireless connection not required

Option 2

Connecting via Sky+HD boxes with built-in WiFi

If you are having latest Sky+HD boxes with in-built WiFi:

1 – Connect to your Broadband Router just by either pressing the WPS button on your Router and box or

2 – Enter your WiFi password.

3 – Your Sky+HD box and your broadband router could be kept apart in separate rooms.

Option 3

Setting up a wired connection

If your Sky+HD box is next to your broadband router, you can connect them using a wire.

All you need is an Ethernet cable, available from Sky or from most electrical shops, and you can start watching box office movies downloaded from sky store.

Now you’re connected

1 -Simply choose Catch Up TV from the Homepage.

2 – Once you’re connected you’ll see all the different channels available in Catch Up TV, which you get at no extra cost.

3 – Now, just download a show and start enjoying the world of on demand entertainment you’ve just opened up.

Need More help?

To discuss any of the products and services offered, Sky Contact Number comes handy as it will connect you to Sky customer service, where you can speak to a customer support representative and discuss your problems in detail.


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