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 About Thames Water

Thames Water is a private utility company which carries out the public water supply and waste treatment in large parts of Greater London, Thames Valley, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Kent and some other areas in United Kingdom.

Thames Water company is a result of numerous companies starting from New Water Company in the early 1600 and was privatised in its present form in 1989. At present Kemble Water Holdings Pvt. ltd owns Thames Water.

Several water management projects including Thames Water Ring Main around London, Lee tunnel, Europe’s largest wastewater treatment works and UK’S first desalination plant both of which are at Beckton.

The company claims to serve around 15 million customers living in and around London and Thames valley.

Thames Water Contact Number

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Some of the most widely asked questions by Thames Water  customers are:

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How To Contact Thames Water Support?

Contact Thames Water Essex

Did you recently encounter any difficulty with Thames Water connections and services? Did your billing had any issue? Whatever your problem may be and your situation may be we will offer you the best possible solution in the shortest possible time.

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The number will connect you directly to the Thames water customer support at the Thames Water Contact Number.

Thames Water Services

Thames Water Services are basically divided under two main headings

Thames Water Supply Resources

Pre – development enquiry (water)

New or replacement water supply

Self lay : How to apply

Apply to divert or abandon a water main

Water supply for building purposes

Disconnection of Service

Standpipe Charges

Thames Wastewater Resources

Adoption of existing or new server

Build over or close to a public sewer

Connecting to a public sewer

Diverting an existing sewer

Requisition of a sewer

Mandatory sewer adoption

Pre – development enquiry (wastewater)

Apart from these two, you can also

Pay for an online quote

Working is near our assets

We are here to offer you a contact channel that will take you directly to the Thames Water Customer Support.

For Thames Water Billing and Account Enquiries

 0800 980 8800


Monday – Friday                                         8 am to 8 pm

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Saturday                                                       8 am to 6 pm

Saturday                                                             Closed

Call Water Supply and Wastewater services

0800 316 9800


Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You can visit for rest of the contact details on how to call Thames Water Customer Services.

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